How To Keep Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Smelling Fresh All The Time

The exquisite food, the intense theme, the dainty settings, and the dazzling music is not enough for your upscale restaurant to be people’s favorite. The cutthroat competition in the restaurant industry requires you to be the best in every field and that includes your back-end kitchen as well. The aroma of delicious meals arousing from the restaurant kitchen is quite tasteful unless it is mixed with the odors of stinky grease and of raw meatloaves and fermented waste. A foul odor affects the mood, emotion, and memory of the visitors and crumbles their experience of dining out. So, what you should do to keep your restaurant kitchen from bad odors and smelling fresh all the time? Let’s find out.

Restaurant Scent Marketing

A decade earlier, the restaurant scent business was not a thing. But today, it is. As the restaurant owners and managers have inferred the concept of enticing people to them dine spacing based on their olfactory sense. The olfactory scenes of a person become more receptive when they are hungry and with the right restaurant scents, you can actually attract more customers for your business. Scent marketing is a highly effective tool if applied wisely and encash more consumers than ever before.

Restore The Freshness Of Utensils

Cleaning utensils can be pesky after a long day of cooking especially if they reek of eggs, chicken seafood, or Cruciferous Vegetables that remain long-lasting even after deep cleaning and add to the bitter aroma of the smelly kitchen. To get rid of the odor, you may boil water with a teaspoon of coffee in it that will help in neutralizing the smell from the pot. Thick potato slices with a pinch of salt would also help to remove the odor. Cinnamon sticks not only ward off the nasty odor but also give a refreshing aroma to your utensils.

Citric Bliss

Citric acid is quite effective in snubbing the lingering smell in your restaurant kitchen. For your garbage disposal bins, throw few pieces of sliced lemon to crack up the unpleasant odors. For odors in the cabinets and counters, boil water with orange and lemon peels and sprinkle it all over. If you have fish for your guest and your hands stink, rub lemon on them to get rid of the foul reek. For a sparkling refreshing aroma, leave two tablespoons of vinegar overnight on your kitchen counter and thank us in the morning.

Baking Soda

For a foul kitchen odor, dishwashers are the prime culprit if not cleaned on regular basis. The reek of rotten food builds-up in no time. The same is with the microwave oven that produces a specific burning smell that no only smells out the whole kitchen but also feigns the food you warm in it. Clogged disposals and drains are next in line to add the stink in the kitchen and owners rely on commercial plumbers Perth to do the job.  All these odors can be neutralized with a tablespoon of baking soda with hot water.

With these handy and easy ingredients, you can use these tips to fend off any unnecessary smell from your commercial kitchen and give it a refreshing essence in no time. Or if you avail of the services of restaurant scent marketing, we assure you to attract more customers for your business.